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3MMC Crystals are a powerful stimulant drug that provides a strong euphoric effect. It is known for its fast-acting and long-lasting effects, making it a popular choice among recreational drug users. It is also known for its low toxicity and low risk of addiction, making it a safer alternative to other stimulants. 3MMC Crystals are easy to purchase online and are available in a variety of forms, including powder, crystals, and capsules. With its fast-acting and long-lasting effects, low toxicity, and low risk of addiction, 3MMC Crystals are an ideal choice for those looking for a powerful stimulant experience.



3-Methylmethcathinone, also called 3-MMC and metaphedrone, is a designer drug from the substituted cathinone household. 3-MMC is carefully associated in construction to the extra generally recognized illicit drug mephedrone (4-MMC), and can be unlawful in most international locations which have banned mephedrone because of 3-MMC being a structural isomer of 4-MMC. Nevertheless, 3-MMC has nonetheless appeared on the leisure drug market as an alternative choice to mephedrone, and was first recognized being offered in Sweden in 2012. Not like some artificial cathinones, 3-MMC has been evaluated in at the least one massive mammal examine. 3-MMC is a monoamine transporter substrate that potently inhibits norepinephrine uptake and shows extra pronounced dopaminergic vs. serotonergic exercise.

Historical past

3-MMC was first encountered in Sweden in 2012, it was created as a designer drug following the management in lots of international locations of the associated compound mephedrone. It was offered as a {research} chemical, often in powder kind. There isn’t a recognized or reported medical use of 3-MMC and it’s getting used for recreation. Some deadly intoxications have been reported, most involving a number of medicine of abuse.


3-Methylmethcathinone (3-MMC) chemical title is 2-(methylamino)-1-(3-methylphenyl)propan-1-one) and is a cathinone spinoff, which is an artificial type of phenylethylamines. 3-MMC has a cathinone which is substituted with a methyl group on the 3 place which makes it a structural isomer of Mephedrone.
3-MMC incorporates a chiral heart on the C-2 carbon. Subsequently two enantiomers exist, the R and S enantiomer. It’s assumed that the S kind is stronger because of its similarity to cathinone. However additional {research} must be carried out to verify this.


There are a number of methods to synthesize 3-MMC. One in all methods to synthesize 3-MMC, which is tailored from Energy et al, is so as to add ethylmagnesium bromide to 3-methylbenzaldehyde (I). The product (II) is then oxidized by pyridinium chlorochromate (PCC) on silica gel to the ketone (III) and brominated with hydrobromic acid to yield the bromo ketone. This bromo ketone is reacted with ethanolic methylamine to provide the 3-MMC free base , which might be transformed to the hydrochloride salt (VI) by addition of ethereal hydrogen chloride.

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Out there types

The most typical type of 3-MMC is as a white crystalline powder or as white strong crystals. Generally nevertheless additionally it is offered as capsules crammed with 3-MMC. There isn’t a info obtainable whether or not it’s a racemate or enantiomerically pure.

Mechanism of motion

3-MMC (like 4-MMC) inhibits norepinephrine (NET), serotonin (SERT) and dopamine (DAT) transport. 3-MMC inhibits NET and DAT extra potently than SERT which means that 3-MMC has stronger amphetamine-like stimulant properties in comparison with mephedrone.
3-MMC strongly binds to serotonin 5-HT1A, 5-HT2A and 5-HT2C receptors. As well as, 3-MMC binds weakly to the α1A and α2A adrenergic receptors.

Non-human research

Metaphadrone oral bioavailability was 7% in rodent research, with peak blood concentrations (Tmax) attained inside 5 to 10 minutes, and a plasma half-life of 0.8 hours. 3-MMC ranges dropped under detectable ranges after 24 hours of oral ingestion. Decreased feeding behaviour resulted in weight reduction in some.


The metabolic pathway of 3-MMC shouldn’t be properly described. Recognized metabolites embody 3-methylephedrine and 3-methylnorephedrine. A attainable metabolic pathway is β-keto-reduction adopted by N-demethylation.


Metaphedrone dose-response in people shouldn’t be properly described within the literature, doubtless because of restricted educational curiosity up to now. Fatalities have been reported over a variety of blood concentrations, from 249 and 1600 ng/mL. Toxicokinetics are regarded as much like these for mephedrone, nevertheless.


The specified results of 3-MMC are stimulation, spontaneous bodily sensations, euphoria, enhancement of empathy, affection and sociability, happiness, consciousness awhich are comparable results of different stimulants. Opposed results can vary from stuttering, fatigue, verbosity, lowered degree of consciousness, despair, aggression, delirium and confusion, double imaginative and prescient, problem in focus, complications, dehydration, hallucinations, worry to extra severe results reminiscent of hyponatremia, diaphoresis, seizures, hyperthermia and rhabdomyolysis.


3-MMC is taken through inhalation, injection, insufflation or oral administration. Single session repeat dosing is typical, typically through totally different routes. Widespread self-reported doses vary from 50 to 150 mg, as much as single 500 mg doses.

Customers could dose repeatedly as a way to lengthen impact length, resulting in 0.5g to 2g “classes.” Single-dose results final from 4–6 hours, usually peaking round 2-hours post-dose. In a questionnaire-based examine of self-reported 3-MMC customers in Slovenia, it was discovered that 88.8% of customers insufflated the drug whereas 42.6% took it orally. The examine didn’t discover any situations of customers injecting 3-MMC. Furthermore, 26% of the customers reported taking greater than 1.5 g of 3-MMC in a single sitting and over 50% reported having consuming greater than 0.5g in a single sitting.

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